Visit Oegstgeest

Dear Visitor,

We are delighted to welcome you to our charming, leafy Oegstgeest. Oegstgeest is bursting with amenities, with great shopping, pleasant residential areas, plenty of sports and exercise facilities, cultural pastimes, lovely walks, conference venues, friendly overnight accommodation, stylish dining and ample other opportunities for enjoying yourself.

Our “What’s On/UIT-agenda” diary lists today’s activities and those scheduled in the coming weeks, including all the fun pursuits, get-togethers and events that Oegstgeest will be hosting.

Every year, events are organised around a central theme in Oegstgeest. In 2019, it was our Boerhaave Year. This year, our focus is on Oegstgeest the Writers’ Village. We have chosen the very fitting title of a book by prominent Dutch author and sculptor, Jan Wolkers, as our slogan: “Return to Oegstgeest”.

For more information and/or questions, please send an email to: